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Searching for a wedding photographer can be a difficult task! Finding the perfect fit for your vision and really trusting that person to be with you the whole day can seem impossible when you are just starting your search. Stuart & I want to make the process easier every step of the way, starting with advice on what to ask your wedding photographer. We want to be your first choice, but not every photographer is the right fit for every client. Here are some tips to help you narrow down your choice and get to know your wedding photographer!

◦   First things first, are you available for our date?

If your day is firm, you want vendors that are free for your wedding day. Most photographers have a busy schedule and dates get taken quickly, especially during engagement season around the holidays. Start planning with your date firm in your mind and it will help professionals that you ask see if they are free to help you. If they aren't, it's a quick decision to move on to the next available vendor or photographer.

◦   Does your style fit my theme and vision?

Styles vary from artist to artist, and you want a photographer whose work is consistent with a style that you like. Our best clients are those that fall in love with our art and then with us, building a close relationship as friends so that we work well together on the wedding day. If you don't like the work they have previously done, it is a sure no to move on. We love to please our clients with classic, yet unique wedding photography that fits a traditional, timeless style with some creative and memorable favorites also included.

◦    Do you have experience at my venue or a similar venue?

Experience in similar conditions to your wedding will give you an extra sense of trust that your photographer can work with the lighting and conditions on your wedding day. Ask for examples of outdoor work if you are having a natural, outdoor wedding or some indoor photographs if your wedding is a church or indoor event. Your photographer and other vendors should be happy to share work that looks similar to what you are trying to achieve. 

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◦    Are you licensed and insured?

This is an important question because it shows a level of professionalism that sets photographers apart from hobbyists and inexperienced photographers. Having a legal business is the first step toward quality and professional work, meaning that they are a legitimate business. Insurance protects you and your guests if you get hurt during the course of the photographer's work with you or if someone has an accident with their equipment. You want to know that your photographer is concerned about safety and quality, so ask about insurance and licensing. Some venues such as the Great Smoky Mountains National Park require photographers to be licensed to work in the park. Everbright Photography has a license for 2018 for GSMNP weddings and events! We can work in their venues such as Spence Cabin, Cades Cove, and more. 

◦    When will you arrive and what time will you leave?

Your photographer should be involved in your timeline planning, arriving in time to photograph the events that are important to you, whether they are the getting ready portion or just your ceremony and formal portraits. Your timeline also determines the lighting of your event if it is outdoors, so ask your photographer the optimal times for light to achieve the look you want. Many photographers have different collections depending on how long you want them there, so this is a great question to include as you talk about their collections.

◦    What is included in your collections?  

This gives you an idea of what you will receive, and you can match it with what is important to you. Length of time they will be at your wedding is an important thing to note. Wedding albums, parent albums, framed portraits, thank you cards, digital images and more are all options that some photographers provide and some do not. If it is important to you to have an album or a framed portrait for your home, make sure the photographer that you choose offers it and that it is included in the collection you choose. Everbright Photography is committed to making it easy for you to get art from your wedding into your home in a convenient way. We select the best to print and frame your portraits and also custom design wedding albums with leather covers, one way we serve our couples with heirloom items.

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