Being in Morristown TN, you have to go the Pink Pig Pottery Studio! It is one of the most amazing places to have fun and create unique art! We have watched Melanie's studio grow from its beginnings as a fun place to be downtown to THE spot to take a class, meeting with friends and relax while being creative painting art. The Pink Pig Pottery Studio offers ceramic, tile, clay, glass, wood and many other types of mediums for painting or creative art making. Each piece is personalized by you, making a custom work while at the same time making memories that last forever.

Gathering with friends has never been easier or more fun, whether dropping by to make a wedding present or home decor, or attending one of the Pink Pig Pottery Studio's many popular classes like their wood signs with Tennessee emblems or family names to decorate your own home. Or take your kids and make a traditionally piggy bank or theme mug with their favorite cartoon character. The studio even hosts birthday parties for children or adults, with great service and a great time for all your guests.

Our little friend John joined us for a few photos to show the good times at the Pink Pig. Melanie has a great shop and so many beautiful items come from the creativity and joy of her clients, from mugs to platters, wooden signs, glass, clay items and much more!

Thank you to John and his family and also to Melanie for another great time at the Pink Pig Pottery Studio! You can visit their website at The Pink Pig Pottery Studio or call (423) 307-5777 for more information.

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