HYPE is a fun new group by the Morristown Area Chamber of Commerce here in Morristown, TN to connect and inspire young professionals. The Morristown Area Chamber of Commerce is a large community of professionals in the Lakeway area that was founded to encourage economic growth, industry, knowledge and networking for Morristown business and groups. The Chamber has begun to focus on helping young professionals from the Chamber and beyond to hone their skills, meet others and develop friendships that will spur growth and connections. Stuart attended one of their first meetings at the Java Garden downtown and it was a lot of fun! From the refreshments to the games, these meetings hold a lot of promise to be dynamic times of networking and enjoyment for HYPE members. And oh, my, Java Garden has yummy coffee drinks and sweet treats, they are a great place for meetings, breakfast and coffee dates. The July meeting of HYPE was sponsored by Strate Insurance.

We are looking forward to getting involved in the HYPE group as it grows and have plans to join the Chamber this fall. Getting to know others in business, learning and sharing as well as collaborating to make everyone's success rise is so important to us. HYPE is a great way to do meet others in different areas of work from us; it is fun to get about and share what we do. So watch for more fun from HYPE, they are having monthly meetings and we plan to be there! You can keep up to date on HYPE events on their Facebook page. The next meeting is on August 31st at the Morristown Country Club.

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